3″ Shard Dunny (Obsidian)

Shard of The Odd Ones Dunny series.
Production Resin 3″ Dunny.

***PLEASE READ: Each Obsidian Shard and Chase Dunny is unique! Some Obsidians are heavily textured while others may be almost completely black. Some Chases have more black dye injection than others. What makes this release special is that no two look identical!

***INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS – – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Please purchase as normal through website. You will get a second invoice for an additional $20 to be paid before shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

Colorway: Obsidian
Size: 3″
Editon size: 80
Price: $55 + shipping
Release Date and Time: Friday, April 27 at 9 AM PDT

***Limit of 3 Shards per person.***

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