Black Root Beet


Of the convulsive primordial instinct the earth has held secret from man; None is more inclined to writhe with specific ancient hatred of the oblivious pink mammals than organic matter that has sprung eagerly from wet black soil. The crawling beings, the roots, the vegetation and tall hoary beasts that walk unsuspected are all but weapons and silent planning assassins of the human element that so ignorantly sits waiting. Waiting for the unnatural evolutionary turns that were engineered to react to human kind and all its selfish design…natural evolution in the form of some unsuspecting twisted thing that rises menacingly from below the ground to take back what once was never meant to be lost. To take back the very earth itself. Behold, a black root. -Skinner

-Releasing November 23rd at 10 AM Pacific
-Limited to 10 pieces
-Bagged with header card
-$120 each

Sold out!

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